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Three Sixty® Exports Pvt. Ltd. Our enterprise handles a plethora of high quality nutritive food products. Its vision goes beyond commodity sales. Customer satisfaction and low chemical food availability are the chief driving forces behind its endeavours in the competitive global food market. Three Sixty Exports Pvt. Ltd. uplholds the concept that “healthy and high quality food is not a privilege but every person’s right. Management and appreciable control over supply chain and conformity to international standards of hygiene and quality aid as enabling factors. The enterprise is following an eco-friendly pattern to be in rhythm with nature. Use of recyclable packaging ensures so.

the brand

The Legacy

Chandni Chowk originally denoted ‘moonlit square’ in the walled city of Old Delhi. It was also known as Shahjahanabad. Chandni Chowk It was also known as Shahjahanabad. Chandni Chowk, the oldest food hub in the capital of india, is popularly regarded as the repository of culinary flavours. Chandni chowk is reminiscent of the rich indian culinary heritage which has made its mark globally. Our product intendo to translate the same experience in every market. Chandni Chowk as a brand is a step towards carrying the legacy of flavours of Chandni Chowk’s food the worldover so that people can enjoy not only a delicacy but also a piece of history.

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We have already launched our brand Chandni Chowk. The brand stands acknowledged for its good quality product and as a preferred meal by our consumers in various countries. Our brand cc which has become a part of many peoples lives in theb globe can be found in various countries.